Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dr. Sharon Fan

I had a great time getting to know Sharon in Germany. She is always attentive to whoever she's talking too, she has a great sense of humor and a sincere interest in wanting to assist others.

1. How did you begin to learn about healing methods?
As a holistic practitioner, I have always been interested in faster and better modalities for my clients, as well as for myself and my family.

 2. How did you hear about Yuen Method and when did you begin teaching?
In 2010, I attended a Yuen Method demo by a certified YM teacher that came to my area. After that, I dived in and became a Certified Master in Feb 2013 and started teaching a few months later.

 3. What interested you the most about Yuen Method?
It's simple, fast and delivers consistent results. Anyone can do it!

4. What other methods do you find helpful?
Question everything you believe. I'm fond of Byron Katie's The Work.

 5. What do you say to people who are very skeptical about natural healing methods?
I'm not here to convince anyone. Do what you want. If you are not getting anywhere with resolving your problems, let me show you some instant results.

 6. What is the hardest thing you deal with as far as treating others? What is the easiest?
 The easiest part is to resolve people's problems. The hardest part is for them to “get” how easy it is to resolve their problems.

 7. Is there a constant issue that you see in your clients/patients?
 Every case is like a new book; you never know what will turn up on the page. I can't say there is anything constant – except perhaps a constant amazement when the changes occur so quickly. 

 8. What do you recommend for those who also want to connect with an audience
and teach?
Just do it!  There are opportunities everywhere if you are strong to the connection.

 9. How has the Yuen Method helped you specifically?
I'm now able to help people from anywhere in the world as long as there is a phone or internet connection. It's the most satisfying work for me and financial rewards follow too.

 10. What drives you to spread the word and assist others in their struggle for
a more balanced life?
Living a happy and healthy life is our birthright. Everyone deserves it. Yuen Method gives you the tools to achieve that.


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