Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bart Smyth

Bart Smyth has been experiencing, learning, and following various healing methods for over 20 years. Listen to his story and his insightful comments on Vaccinations, Toxicity, and High Technology.

1. How did you begin to learn about healing methods?
In 1983 I was injured and guided to an acupuncturist so as to be able to continue to work. I use Yuen Mastery 100% of the time and other technologies I combine with Yuen, but not always. If someone goes into a coaching program with me, I absolutely use other modalities to enhance the process and shorten the distance to achieve enhanced awareness, empowerment and independence.

2. How did you hear about Yuen Method and when did you begin teaching?
Dr Yuen and I were both presenting at the Las Vegas Convention center in 1994. We met at the vege hot dog stand. He told me what he did and invited me to his presentation. I then flew to Los Angeles for a treatment. I promoted Dr Yuen in Las Vegas and Austin Tx. I began teaching the first course in late 95 in Las Vegas and Germany.

3. What interested you the most about Yuen Method?
The speed, neutrality, accuracy and results!

4. What other methods do you find helpful?
Hakomi, Body Centered Psychotherapy. Acupressure, Facilitated movement(upper cervical work), and I have developed my own method of Neurological Integration combining feedback technologies and Yuen Method. Network Chiropractic, Feldenkrais and I give principles of Internal martial arts. 

5. What do you say to people who are very skeptical about natural healing methods?
I like skeptics and being skeptical is healthy. And so is having an open mind. 

6. What is the hardest thing you deal with as far as treating others? What is the easiest?
It is all the same. I am not up or down on this one

7. Is there a constant issue that you see in your clients/patients?
Toxicity/Hvy metals petro chemicals. Vaccination damage. Identity crisis and programs taken early on. And now, the children have issues with 
digital overload. Cell phones and video. 

8. What do you recommend for those who also want to connect with an audience
and teach?
Do it! I have a program I teach my students for them to expose their services. 

9. How has the Yuen Method helped you specifically?
I rebuilt my knee after breaking it 2x 5 years ago, 1x skiing and then the next time at 90 degrees from the first. I have helped my eyesight, recovery from many injuries in sports and car accidents. Speed of focus and guitar. Really every thing I do.

10. What drives you to spread the word and assist others in their struggle for 
a more balanced life?
I think it is silly by now after 20 years of the Yuen Method that we are walking around in these high tech computers thinking we are in need of so many external props and programs which take time and money and feed many energies which could be better used elsewhere. Plus, I love watching people get in touch with more of who they are and what their potential is in all areas of life. I learn from everyone I connect with.

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