Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Marc Kettenbach

Marc has an explosive amount of energy. It is literally impossible to be bored around him. I spent some quality time with him in Barcelona, Madrid, and also in Stuttgart, Germany during an event he organized and co-taught with Dr. Kam Yuen. I also met his very open and welcoming team.

Get to know Marc:

1. How did you begin to learn about healing methods?

Marc: It started way back in 1993 with self-hypnosis and when I realized how self suggestions can influence physical things in our body.

2. How did you hear about Yuen Method and when did you begin teaching?

Marc: In 2008 I had a second knee operation and a friend of mine, Uli Kieslich, told me to check out a Chinese guy he heard about healing people without touching them.
I was desperate enough to buy a ticket and fly to Valencia, Spain. Dr. Kam Yuen fixed my knees in less than 2 minutes. After that I followed him everywhere for 6 years.
I've been teaching the method since about 2 years now.

3. What interested you the most about Yuen Method?

Marc: I like the logic in it. It helped me to accept how intuitive I am. Before, my need for being logical gave me a lot of doubts sometimes.

4. What other methods do you find helpful?

Marc: Law of attraction (Reality steering 24/7), Boosting Intentions (co-founder), N2H (nice to have/ co-founder) Hypnosis, Matrix, NLP, Ayahusasca and voodoo. J

5. What do you say to people who are very skeptical about natural healing methods?

Marc: Nothing… they just reflect your own skepticism. Change that and you will not longer resonate with skeptical people.  

6. What is the hardest thing you deal with as far as treating others? What is the easiest?

Marc: I look at it this way: Stuff, that comes from past life experiences needs to be addressed and that would be the challenge then. If the weakness is found in the thinking or behavioral area, my experience is, that day to day stuff will trigger these neural networks and the problems have the tendency to come back. Here the client should learn to help himself because there is the need to reinforce the corrections.

7. Is there a constant issue that you see in your clients/patients?

Marc: Yes. People are getting manipulated from day one. So most of the people never get close to their full potential. Not living up to their full potential then triggers lots of issues and leads people to accept situations that cause illnesses and other life problems. It is essential to understand the law of attraction and get yourself at a level where you have Unconscious Competence.

8. What do you call Unconscious Competence?

Marc: You don't know what you don't know ... until someone tells you it exists. So now you are conscious about it but still incompetent. After you do and practice you then become conscious  competent. Your brain starts more neuro pathways. You know how to do mit, but you have to think about the process while doing it. After hours of practise and doint it over and over again, you develop what I call Unconscious Competence. Meaning you can do it without consciously thinking about it. We all drive our car using unconscious competence (hopefully! J).

9. What do you recommend for those who also want to connect with an audience
and teach?

Marc: Get your shit together first and then use your knowledge. And then think about teaching. To be certified has no value in itself. Like having a drivers license does not make anybody a racetrack driver. You can be the best there is, if you are not able to deliver the message, people have the tendency not to come back. If you lie a lot and pretend to be a person on stage you are not, you will loose the good people.

10. How has the Yuen Method helped you specifically?

Marc: The quick results that happen most of the time on the spot really helped me to believe in energetic work. I know that among the Yuen Method people everybody talks about the fact that no belief is needed. And that is true, if you refer “belief” to a religious type of a situation. In terms of you as a user of the method, you have to get yourself to believe in it or otherwise the power of doubt will wipe out your corrections.

11. What drives you to spread the word and assist others in their struggle for 
a more balanced life?

Marc: As far as I am concerned, I am interested in answering three major questions: where do I come from, what is the purpose of this life and where does the journey go to? People will come across some of these questions along the way of life. The Yuen Method will help them to make fast decisions, to handle lots of their problems and to be empty so that the right answer will find them and they will be able to connect to it. 

Personally, the Yuen Method is a great tool among other tools I have in my personal toolbox. But it tests strong to me that the tool itself and the use of it is never the goal of your efforts. It is more a helper to fix a temporary problem to be able to make the next step closer to where your path leads you to.

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