Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The 3 Things You Must Know

These are the three most practical principles found in the Yuen Method.

1. Use Simple Logic

You can describe simple logic in many ways. It is probably most recognized by the general public as common sense. It can also be confused with the branch of Philosophy. But let's take a look at the technical meaning the Yuen Method has given to this phrase:

Using Simple Logic: Problems/Questions require answers...so...You must answer each and every Problem/Question. If you happen to ask yourself or think about a Problem/Question, you MUST NOT move on to a different Problem/Question. Otherwise you will get pretty overwhelmed.

I took a few classes at the Church of Scientology in Hollywood. One of the first things you read in every single study book is that if you don't understand a word, you must not move ahead. You have to look the word up in your dictionary, make sure you get it, then you can keep reading. A bit more strict (every word).

No matter how strict you want to be, this principle is always good advice.

2. Tense Your Body

I got rid of my back pain using this principle. Relaxing is fine, but if you're relaxing way more than tensing, then there's something wrong. So, tense and relax! You don't have to be very active. You can tense and relax in any comfortable position. In general, Yuen Method recommends that a person tense for one second, then relax and repeat.

I personally tense for longer than one second and you may do what you feel comfortable with. I'm providing links of variations of this principle. My personal favorite would be the first one by youth.anxietybc.com.

3. Feel the Feeling

Sometimes when you have a thought, you may get a tight feeling on your chest or butterflies in your stomach. The thought or emotion has created a physical feeling/sensation. By feeling the feeling, WITHOUT judgement or criticism of that feeling, you automatically begin to grow out of that emotional thought; to see it for what it is without letting it affect you. That nagging feeling you get every time you think about a particular thing is not going away for one reason: you try not to feel it.

I think this very principle is the essence of Eckhart Tolle's book: The Power of Now. But I'm sure there are other similar ideas like 'Embrace Your Fear' or the idea by Tony Robbins who says that we should all get curious about our emotions.


These three principles are the best principles and the must-have practical knowledge that one can attain from the Yuen Method. But please don't just think about these principles as some kind of esoteric Thinking Enjoyment. The key is to actually to do it!

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