Thursday, November 14, 2013

Colette Stefan

Colette Stefan is apparently in more places than one (quantum leaping?). The reason I asked her to do this interview is because I find that she is so clear and forward in her speech and demeanor that it would be difficult for anyone to claim they don't "get her." Please take a moment to read about her in this interview.

1. How did you begin to learn about healing methods?
I first witnessed the power of quantum healing after my niece became the victim of a DUI driver. Her miraculous recovery after a series of remote healing sessions sparked my interest to find out more about quantum healing.
I was exhausted and discouraged from dealing with the illnesses and transitions of several close family members, while working full time and looking after the needs of my family. I instinctively understood that there had to be a better way! My search for answers led me to a free Yuen Method demo and introductory seminar in April of 2005 with Tai Njio.
2. How did you hear about Yuen Method and when did you begin teaching?
 My beloved Afghan Hound, Spectrum's Free and Easy (Mercedes) had stomach cancer and had to be put down shortly after my father made his transition and my niece was in the accident. I was given a Tibetan Terrier puppy named Ella The Enchanting through a friend who had done a favour for a woman I had never met. I was still feeling very sad from all the loss but noticed that when this woman called to see how the puppy was doing I always felt better.  She had taken a Yuen Method Level One Seminar and told me about the Yuen Method. I still have Ella a decade later… Dr. Yuen gave me permission to teach the Yuen Method at certification in November of 2008… I started hosting demos and teaching shortly after.

3. What interested you the most about Yuen Method?
The simplicity and results at quantum speed!

4. What other methods do you find helpful?
I have studied quantum physics with cosmologist, Nassim Haramein and am now an emissary of The Resonance Project Foundation. A clear understanding of how the universe really functions expanded and accelerated my energetic shifts in a huge way. I also studied psychosomatic body/mind analysis with Hermann Muller and hold a teachers certificate with the Australasian Institute Of Psychosomatic Body Mind Analysis and Therapy, which has sharpened my skills at intuitively reading the physical body and understanding anatomy. I am also a Ra Sheeba Master/Instructor which is the study of ancient Egyptian Divine Feminine Energy  and have my Master's Certificate In Crystology. I  have been working with an amazing group of alchemists from around the world for four years now and had the pleasure of studying with Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati who was a master at clearing karma. I have also attended Matrix Energetics.
The Yuen Method has become a way of life for me. It is automatic for me to instantly go to my midline and check energy. I view every person and every experience is an opportunity to master my skills.

5. What do you say to people who are very skeptical about natural healing methods?
I don't argue with them. I show them. I have provided hundreds of free demos, have been on several tele summits, radio shows and now have my own radio show The Truth Is Funny every Wednesday morning. I let the results and testimonials speak for themselves!

6. What is the hardest thing you deal with as far as treating others? What is the easiest?
I have the easiest job in the world.  Go to the mid-line, find the weakness delete and strengthen. Follow the next weakness…. simple and easy! Sometimes it takes a client time to perceive the shift, however I always can so I have no doubt that shift happens. There is nothing too big to shift and often the smallest incidents have the most profound effect on people.

7. Is there a constant issue that you see in your clients/patients?
Yes. I have always had a gift of being able to see potential in people, places and situations. Most people have no idea of how truly beautiful they really are.

8. What do you recommend for those who also want to connect with an audience and teach?
Speak from your heart! Do not apologize for thinking outside the box and being you! You deserve to be heard!

9. How has the Yuen Method helped you specifically?
The Yuen Method has empowered me in every area of life…. I have overcome my extreme shyness, have performed in belly dance and burlesque, traveled around the world to host  demos and seminars, have been interviewed on many leading tele summits and now with my own radio show. My creativity has soared to new heights, I am in the process of painting a series of inter-galactic dragons to create an oracle, I have published my art work and articles and am in the process of writing a book sharing my experiences as an energy mover for the last decade. I am fit, enjoy excellent health and have been pain free for years. I am blessed with many opportunities to connect with amazing people who resonate with me. I am earning my way doing what I love… with people from all over the world. It is very satisfying to hear how the shifts have empowered my clients and students. And especially the satisfaction of seeing my students take this information and the results out to more people.  I strengthen my daughters through this method and feel I am the best mom I can be. .. 

10. What drives you to spread the word and assist others in their struggle for a more balanced life?

It is fun!


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